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A Look Inside Ourselves

Here’s a 4-minute program that reinforces the concepts of Compassion, Unity, Empathy, and Sharing, but is unique in that it asks us to examine our own roles in creating a unified, productive, and happy workplace.

Activating Attitude!

Activating Attitude! is a great meeting opener. It sets the tone and stage for employees and managers alike to approach the workday with a positive attitude and a smile.

America3: The Power to Create

Put the formula that won America's Cup – yachting's most coveted prize – to work in your organization.


Change Can Be Good

If you’re looking for a humorous meeting opener that will help people within your organizations introduce a new policy, plan, team or equipment check out the Stapler Guy. 

The Container Store: Re-Imagine Customer Service and Talent

With Tom Peters

In this program, you will learn about communication skills and both formal and informal training concepts to achieve improved customer satisfaction and lower employee turnover.

Cracked Pot

A delightful and magical tale teaches us to appreciate the talents and contributions of each team member. The program takes only 4 minutes to watch, but you'll be talking about it for months.


Customers With Disabilities: Delivering Excellent Service

If you have customers with disabilities then this training program is a must see for every employee. This program was designed to help you teach all your associates how they can properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities.

Different Like You

Appreciating DIversity

Today's workforce is a diverse, multi-cultural, ever-changing mosaic of individuals. Learn how to view the unique diversity of each individual as the organization’s most valuable resource. 

Diversité: Le face å face

Apprenez à transformer la diversité en une force positive en entendant les histoires et les pensées des personnages qui travaillent dans un monde diversifié.


Doing Our Part

Here’s a 4-minute program that’s an introduction to understanding our own and responding to others’ verbal and non-verbal signals, using Compassion, Unity, Empathy, and Sharing.

First Mile

This humorous and engaging film emphasizes the basics – the essential art of customer service.

Four Weeks In May

This training package will give you a template for success. The message works for any business, large or small, as you experience the excitement and teamwork at the Indy 500, one of the most challenging team competitions in the world. 

Goals: The Backbone of Dreams

In this motivational meeting video, you will learn about the importance of goals as a tool for success.

Happiness Advantage With Shawn Achor

In this new training program, Shawn Achor reveals the latest research into the science of happiness. In the process, he makes some amazing revelations.

Le harcelement blesse : C’est personnel

Harassment hurts us all – from individuals to entire companies – and Harassment Hurts: It's Personal is a comprehensive program that explores the issues, their ramifications and their remedies.


It's up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment - 2-Part Series

This 2-part series looks at the most common sexual harassment issues confronting organizations today and how to effectively deal with them.

It's up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment for Employees

This series uses real-world situations and a knowledgeable host to help your organization understand and stop sexual harassment behaviour. Settings include office, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, and hospitality.

It's up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment for Managers

With on-going legal changes, and the ever-increasing need to confront sexual harassment issues in the workplace, the challenges to comprehensive training have grown. Building on the extensive content of the employee version, this program delves deeper into the issues that confront supervisors and managers when dealing with sexual harassment.

Jennifer James: Survival Skills for the Future

Jennifer James teaches the skills that you and your organization need to succeed.

Jordan's Furniture: Re-Imagine the Customer Experience

Tom Peters has been a passionate advocate of great customer service for over three decades. But as Tom now says, being great at customer service is no longer good enough.

Kick in the Attitude

Sam Glenn uses humour and motivational stories to give you and your entire team a positive “Kick in the Attitude” in this funny and inspirational video. 

LifeLine Series!TM

Here’s three great ways to start a meeting! The LifeLine Series is a fun and positive approach to the workplace, addressing important issues of attitude, conflict and stress. It’s a one-two-three punch at some of the most pervasive problems in the workplace today. 

Life's Lessons Series

The Life’s Lessons programs encourage people to do their best, work to their fullest potential and achieve greatness within themselves.

Life's Lessons - Change

Simple, inspiring and thought-provoking wisdom from across the ages is presented through gentle and visually arresting animation and moving music.

Life's Lessons - Customer Service

This program presents common and not-so-common conventional wisdom about the basics of customer service.

Life's Lessons - Leadership

Motivational and educational, this program helps us all see the leaders we can be, and how we can help others to do their absolute best in any organization.

Life's Lessons - Motivation

This motivational short program encourages people to do their best, work to their fullest potential and achieve greatness within themselves.

Life's Lessons - Teamwork

Teamwork is a positive look at how teamwork can not only help us as individuals, but can bring us all together to do the very best we can.

Life's Lessons - Values & Ethics

This program illustrates how one’s character is shaped by our values and ethics, and how to develop them to the best of our ability.

Light the Fire

The true power in managing and appraising performance lies in the on-going feedback, coaching, mentoring and recognition between a manager and the employees that he or she supervises.

Manager or Mouse

There are times that any manager can feel overwhelmed with customer calls, problem situations, and office distractions. In this humorous video, you will see how one manager learned how to understand his own fears and concerns so he could overcome these problems and take control.

Memorial Hospital and HealthWorks Kids Museum

This program shows you how to foster innovation, tap the creativity of your people, and make work fun! You will see how people came up with innovative ideas, tested their ideas, and brought them to reality. 

On the Edge - Version 2

This film presents realistic scenarios in which employees face volatile and potentially violent situations in the workplace.

Opening Lines: Understanding Respect

This four-minute meeting opener/closer that introduces fundamental and important concepts for promoting respect, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Performance Review Series

Using the highly effective 'wrong way-right way' approach, the program deals with the horrors of the performance appraisal in a dynamic way. It replaces misunderstanding and missed opportunities with a perfect meeting of minds!

A Policy is Not Enough

This engaging video will teach your leaders how to model respectful behaviour, coach employees to avoid disrespectful behaviour, and respond immediately to situations that could lead to harassment claims.

Preventing Harassment, Promoting Respect

This video is a fast-paced, thought provoking introduction to the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Re-Imagine Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

Years ago, Tom Peters revolutionized the world of training with the program In Search of Excellence. Now, he is doing it again. In this revolutionary program, Tom will show you how organizations are meeting the challenges of tomorrow-and achieving new levels of excellence. 


This video outlines what a written action plan is, what is needed prior to creating an effective action plan and the steps to creating an effective action plan.

Santa's Leadership Secrets DVD Program

Create a memorable educational experience and get everyone in your organization energized and committed to personal and professional development with this 12-minute animated journey to Santa’s workshop.

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S'il vous plaît, respectez ma génération! 5 Générations au travail

Il s'agit d'un programme de formation complet destiné à résoudre les disparités, les stéréotypes et le manque de respect, basée sur les cinq générations qui travaillent côte à côte dans les lieux de travail d'aujourd'hui.


Stress Tacklers!

Informative and fun, Stress Tacklers! is a great way to learn how to take control of workplace stress.

Unlocking Conflict!

Unlocking Conflict! offers fast-paced, entertaining tools to handle conflict, from positive reinforcement of tried-and-true methods to new ideas for helping solve conflict issues in the workplace.

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?

Learn how to bring your best attitude to every interaction you have with customers and co-workers in this funny and motivational video hosted by Sam Glenn. 


If you are looking for a motivational meeting film, then this video will do it! The metaphor presented through sporting events is clear –success comes from hard work and dedication. Everyone will be inspired after watching this video.

You Call That Respect?

This program uses 11 vignettes to teach people how to recognize and respond to workplace harassment, giving trainers and participants the opportunity to discuss what they have seen and what actions they would take in a given situation.