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A Second Chance

Based on the second chance choice Robert Frost made before he finally published his first poem, The Road Not Taken, this short film was created to provide trainers and presenters with a tool to inspire people to take risks and move forward. 

All Washed Up

All Washed Up takes viewers on a journey to better understand what it takes to get people to change their behaviour, especially when it's difficult.

Are You With Me?

Why does there seem to be one set of rules for the way we behave when we’re physically with other people, and a whole different set of rules for the way we act when we’re separated, as we are when we’re on the phone?

Celebrate What's Right With the World

If we see the world as a dog-eat-dog jungle, that's the world we'll live in. If we see it instead as an endless sea of possibilities, we will see opportunities to grow and will work toward those goals to achieve greater success for ourselves and our organizations.


Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life

This brand new program reminds us that we have the power — the power to choose how we see the world around us, and the power to choose how we want to live in it.
Available in French.

Character is Destiny

Pick up any newspaper, watch any news program or read any business magazine, and the topic of character crops up. Why is character so often discussed? And why do experts believe a strong character is vital to the long-term success, the destiny,of every individual and every organization?

The Comeback

This brand new program discusses an important topic often lost or ignored in organizational settings: Grief and Loss.



This short film, presented from the viewpoint of dogs, teaches us that recognizing both differences and similarities is important.

Do I Know You?

Too often we make the mistake of thinking that hiring decisions are based on some event, like a good interview or great first impression. But they’re not. See, interviewing and hiring the right new employee for your organization is not just about finding someone, it’s about getting to know them.

Do Respect

An inspirational video to engage employees to behave in ways that enhance your workplace culture.

Embracing Change

This program was created to stimulate conversation. You'll be introduced to individuals who not only talk about how they like to deal with change, but are actually forced to put those thoughts into action.

The Encouraging Manager

This program humorously explores what a manager or supervisor can do to create an environment where everyone feels empowered, informed, and invaluable.


Everyday Creativity—Updated

Everyday Creativity teaches a surprising truth about creativity — that it’s not a magical, mysterious occurrence, but a ready tool that enables you to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary.


Focus Your Vision

Dewitt Jones, author of the best selling training videos Everyday Creativity and Celebrate What’s Right With The World, encourages us to develop our visions and turn them into reality. 

For The Love of It With Dewitt Jones

In this program Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer and author, discusses how we all have the ability to love what we do through honoring our passion, making a contribution to those around us, and expressing gratitude.

Free Radicals of Innovation

In these nine programs, you will learn how to use creativity and innovation to find solutions for challenges within organizations, families, and communities.

Fun is Good

When’s the last time you had fun at work? Learn the key concepts to help your employees become more creative, more productive, and ultimately more satisfied – by having a little fun!

Gifts From the Mountain

Simple Truths for Life's Complexities

Use this Telly Award Winner with your team to generate richer discussions about what matters most. And it will help viewers better handle everyday challenges in life and at work. 

Innovation at the Verge

Joel Barker is one of the best known futurists in the world. In his latest program he shows us that the future is not something that happens to you, but rather something that you create. Through stories and examples, learn how to combine your ideas with the ideas of others as you meet at the Verge.

It's Your Call

When you think of the times you’ve had great experiences as a customer, you automatically think of the people who made those experiences happen for you. We all instantly know it when we encounter a remarkable customer service professional, so why is it that some customer service pros just stand out?


Passion - we hear about it all the time. This short Dewitt Jones film shows how fueling your passion can make an insurmountable difference to your company, community, family, and to your life on a personal level.

Joel Barker's Leadershift

Five Lessons for Leaders in the 21st Century

This video explores these shifts and offers five concepts that will improve the performance of any leader.

Life and Work

A Manager's Search for Meaning

Life & Work addresses the most troublesome challenges that arise in both work and life and offers invaluable guidance toward the successful integration of who we are and how we live with what we do.

Love & Profit

The Art of Caring Leadership

Love & Profit shows the value and practical application of creating a caring environment where individuals are given the opportunity to thrive.

More Than One Right Answer

In this new short program, Dewitt Jones reiterates to viewers the importance of viewing problems as opportunities. He reminds us that amazing solutions are possible‚ and there are always more right answers when we are open enough to see them.
Available in French.

New Business Of Paradigms, 2nd Edition With Joel Barker

In this 2nd Edition, a timeless message explains how our paradigms, the rules we live by, can limit our ability to innovate and create in today's rapidly changing world.

On A High Note

This program is an inspiring short program about the importance of knowing yourself, where you want to be, and having the commitment to get there.

Sales Is Not A Dirty Word

Whether participants are in customer service, new to sales, or seasoned pros, Sales Is Not A Dirty Word will help your employees sell with their customers' best interests at heart.

Seeing Red Cars

Motivate your employees to move in the right direction for themselves and for the organization by combating negativity and having a positive attitude when making decisions and taking action.

Shifting Years

Shifting Years, approaches generational differences in a new way. Rather than simply offering ways to deal with these differences, Shifting Years highlights how we must first build relationships by focusing on our similarities. Preview On-Line.

Short Stories: Volume 1 With Dewitt Jones

This series features 10 inspirational short stories from Dewitt Jones' best-selling films. Each clip features powerful storytelling, stunning photography and valuable lessons.

Short Stories: Volume 2 With Dewitt Jones

This series features 10 inspirational short stories from Dewitt Jones' best-selling films. Each clip features powerful storytelling, stunning photography and valuable lessons.



Spirit at Work

This video offers down to earth ideas on how to help people connect and work together to achieve greater results.

Star Thrower Story by Joel Barker

This powerful and moving film is an absolute MUST ADD to your organization’s library! It encourages participants to think about their actions and how they can affect the rest of their organization. The positive message and powerful imagery will motivate viewers and prepare them for what is to come. 

Tactics of Innovation

Tactics of Innovation explores a problem that plagues organizations everywhere – why smart people reject good ideas.

Tactiques de l'innovation

Tactics of Innovation explores a problem that plagues organizations everywhere, why smart people reject good ideas.

Taking C.A.R.E. of Business

Taking C.A.R.E. of Business emphasizes personal accountability as it teaches your employees to actively improve their customer service skills.

Truth Series

The Truth Series was created to offer you four complete training topics presented in a highly entertaining way. The films quickly address important aspects of business professionalism. 

Turn Em on... Turn Em Loose!

From humble beginnings to one of North America's fastest-growing private companies, Tastefully Simple has helped change the lives of thousands of people. Find out how their culture could benefit your organization.

Vision of Teams

The Vision of Teams is a compelling, real life story that illustrates how creating a shared vision and coming together to learn as a team can result in accomplishing the extraordinary.

We Are The Ones

This program is an inspirational short program that encourages us to look to ourselves for leadership and positive change. It will help any organization come a step closer to recognizing and achieving its goals.

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity is vital viewing for everyone in your organization and will prove to be a valuable foundational program for all your diversity training.

What Do You See?

This program illustrates the need for more compassion and care in the treatment of the infirm.


Working Without a Script

Working Without A Script asks viewers to break their current “No, but…” pattern and commit to the “Yes, and…” philosophy, the same philosophy that allows improvisers to create effectively on stage.

Yes Lives in the Land of No

This 10-minute video is the perfect training tool for work groups, teams, departments and organizations interested in encouraging creativity and innovation, risk-taking, and making the most of change.

Your Summit Awaits

Join Jamie Clarke, Canadian mountaineer, adventurer, and three time Mount Everest explorer, in Your Summit Awaits as he shares from the heart his incredible experiences on the mountain.

Sales Is Not A Dirty Word

Whether participants are in customer service, new to sales, or seasoned pros, Sales Is Not A Dirty Word will help your employees sell with their customers' best interests at heart.