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Business of Paradigms

Embracing change is crucial to the success of any business today. This #1 selling business film illustrates the difference that open minds and forward thinking can make when facing change.

Innovation at the Verge

Joel Barker is one of the best known futurists in the world. In his latest program he shows us that the future is not something that happens to you, but rather something that you create. Through stories and examples, learn how to combine your ideas with the ideas of others as you meet at the Verge.

Innovation Professional Package

The Innovation Professional Development Package is a comprehensive training solution to help individuals, teams and organizations develop the ability to be more innovative.


Innovation School Development Package

The Innovation School Development Package is a comprehensive learning solution to help students, faculty and administrators develop the ability to be more innovative.

Joel Barker's Leadershift

Five Lessons for Leaders in the 21st Century

This video explores these shifts and offers five concepts that will improve the performance of any leader.

Joel Barker On-Line Library

The Joel Barker Online Library is a one-year, unlimited access subscription to all of Joel Barkers' films. This collection includes support materials.

New Business Of Paradigms, 2nd Edition With Joel Barker

In this 2nd Edition, a timeless message explains how our paradigms, the rules we live by, can limit our ability to innovate and create in today's rapidly changing world.

Paradigm Mastery Series

The Paradigm Mastery Series is a five-part series designed to help you explore the impact paradigms have on your world.

Paradigm Pioneers

This video helps you and your organization cultivate the pioneering spirit so that you can act on opportunities before your competitors do.


Paradigm Principles

Paradigm Principles helps people see and immediately adapt to the ever-changing rules that can help them shape their futures. It’s just a matter of knowing where to find the next exciting idea and then knowing what to do with it.

Power of Vision

This video lays the foundation for future plans and programs – plans that flourish because every employee contributes to and supports the direction in which the organization is heading. The Power of Vision inspires everyone in your organization to take a look at the future, and develop a vision that can truly make a difference.

Star Thrower Story by Joel Barker

This powerful and moving film is an absolute MUST ADD to your organization’s library! It encourages participants to think about their actions and how they can affect the rest of their organization. The positive message and powerful imagery will motivate viewers and prepare them for what is to come. 

Tactics of Innovation

Tactics of Innovation explores a problem that plagues organizations everywhere – why smart people reject good ideas.

Tactiques de l'innovation

Tactics of Innovation explores a problem that plagues organizations everywhere, why smart people reject good ideas.

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity is vital viewing for everyone in your organization and will prove to be a valuable foundational program for all your diversity training.